• Bernard Cassar Torreggiani from our team has collated a Biotechnology Playbook that aims to provide an overview of the latest trends within the biotech industry. 

  • Jefferies 2022 London Healthcare Conference.


    London Strategy attended the 13th Annual Jefferies 2022 London Healthcare Conference. Jefferies is the largest healthcare-dedicated conference in Europe. The event attended public and private companies from the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, generics, consumer health, animal health, medical technology and healthcare services sectors from the United States, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Russia, India, Israel, China and Japan.


    Two-day event included concurrent tracks of company presentations, thematic panel discussions, and 1x1/small-group meetings. 


    It was an exciting event where professionals from around the world came together to reflect on new discoveries and develop new ideas through a forum of collaboration and innovation. 

  • London Strategy attended the FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference. The FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference is an essential annual event for industry professionals working in key areas such as corporate strategy, drug discovery, clinical trials, market access, and supply chain management.

    In November 2021, three-day event executives around the world provided insights into what it's like running a pharma company in a world transformed by a crisis. In-depth panel discussions addressed key questions facing the sector as they helped shape a new healthcare era. How can pharma companies become more patient-centric? What does the rise of ESG mean for the sector? How has the pandemic affected attitudes towards public-private partnerships?