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Companies are constantly under pressure to ensure IT systems are up to date and fit for purpose. Maintaining comprehensive and state of the art IT software and security is imperative in an environment where even minor breaches can have a severe impact not only on a company's reputation but on customers' lives. At London Strategy, we have the expertise to work with our clients to achieve their digital IT transformation objectives as a delivery partner and strategic advisor.
We work closely with teams from various functions across an organisation to identify and define priorities and risks associated with delivering technology-enabled change across the organisation. With our expertise, we are comfortable taking the lead on transformation projects of any scale and delivering to our client's requirements. We take the time to regularly communicate progress with executives and team members in a set of clear and concise slides, giving our clients oversight without being overburdened with details. 
London Strategy understands that each organisation is unique, and we work with our clients to tailor governance structures that will work for them across all organisation's functions. By doing so, we maintain comprehensive oversight to ensure the project is progressing and enable direction and decision-making framework to succeed.


Key insights:

  • Are you adaptable and agile to changing market conditions and disruptions?
  • How do you monitor your activities and partnerships?

Service Offerings: 

  • IT Transformation Programmes 
  • Cyber Security Improvement and Implementation 


  • IT Programme Management
  • Infrastructure Deployment Programmes
  • ERP Implementation



Our key principle to achieving client satisfaction is by offering assistance across the board to help manage and resolve problems.



Flexible working via contracting at project level & specific to the organizational needs. We have delivery office in London and Belgium, and a remote office in Turkey to have access to resources for our clients.



To rationalize a complex structure by increasing efficiency and reducing administrative burden is necessary to achieve an effective management structure.



We help our clients to find potential problems and resolve them before they create a risk in the future.



We obtain results by reviewing the report data and making changes to improve the performance of our clients. Consistent measurement
and reporting methodology create an environment of achievement and success that benefits the entire organization.