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A well-considered strategy is the key to any company’s success. It involves establishing clear goals, and effectively allocating resources and making decisions that align. London Strategy can help you define your company’s priorities and develop a clear plan for achieving tangible deliverables. 
Now more than ever, businesses are under pressure to constantly re-evaluate the way they work to ensure continuous effective delivery. Transformation is the art of aligning people, processes, partnerships and technology towards the company’s overall ambitions. London Strategy’s pragmatic approach and industry expertise can help you plan and implement the change that will lead to sustainable results. 
At London Strategy, one of our greatest strengths is working with multiple teams across various functions with differing priorities. We get to know each team we work with to ensure we fully understand all objectives and create a plan for achieving these in the most effective way possible. We create clear and concise visual presentations to communicate across all levels of an organization at every stage. Our governance structure and consistent updates provide comfort to our clients that their project is in safe hands. 


Key insights:

  • What is the strategy of the growth profile of your company? 

         Accelerated or Sustainable?

         Organic or Inorganic? 

  • How can you improve your operational resilience?
  • How can you convert a challenge to an opportunity?


Service Offerings: 

  • Corporate and Functional Strategy  
  • Operational and Strategic Transformation
  • M&A: Acquisition and Integration Readiness 
  • M&A: Divestment/De-merger Preparation 
  • M&A: Operational and IT Due Diligence
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Market Growth and Geographic Expansion
  • Operating Model Assessment
  • Business & Financial Planning 
  • Business Continuity Planning 
  • Interim Executive Support 




Convert vision into reality


Effective Programme Management is one of the best ways to guarantee that investment in a comprehensive Business Strategy realises the benefits promised through value to the company. 
London Strategy approaches every project as a unique opportunity and drives solutions at every stage of the project lifecycle. Our team is equipped to tackle challenges in converting your company’s vision into tangible results by establishing a robust multi-functional governance structure and identifying and mitigating risks early on. We take the time to get to know each team we work with to understand all the objectives. We recognise that across an organisation, teams can have different priorities and ways of working. We specialise in aligning cross-functional priorities to achieve the overall goals of our clients. 
By providing regular clear and concise visual presentations, our clients are always up to date with every aspect of the project without being overburdened with the detail, giving executives and team members back time to focus on their day-to-day business or next strategic move.

Key insights:

  • How are you managing your global expansion?
  • Do you have effective governance and prioritisation?
  • Have you considered expanding your product distribution channels?
  • Are you facing challenges in stakeholder management?
  • Are you setting objectives, priorities and guiding principles clearly before initiating a project?


Service Offerings: 

  • Strategic Projects and Programme Management
  • Business Transformation Programmes 
  • M&A: Post-Merger Integration
  • M&A: Carve Out & Divestment 
  • Regulatory Driven Changes
  • New Product Launch 
  • Operating Model Implementation
  • Business Case Development
  • PMO and Governance Set-Up
  • Programme Assessment and Review




Specialised environments require industry expertise


The Public Sector is constantly under pressure to provide quality services for citizens, while also offering value to taxpayers. At a time when Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have introduced many new uncertainties, the sector will be required to re-assess their positioning and adapt accordingly to meet the needs of citizens. London Strategy understands the pressures on the Public Sector and is passionate about delivering meaningful results
Our team can help you deliver programmes to effectively reflect government policy. We work cross-functionally to establish the best way to deliver meaningful results. Our regular update presentations and comprehensive governance structure provide our clients with peace of mind that their project is being managed by professionals. 

Key Insights:

  • Have all the options been considered? 
  • Do our everyday activities align with Government policies? 
  • How do you monitor your activities and partnerships?



Our key principle to achieving client satisfaction is by offering assistance across the board to help manage and resolve problems.



Flexible working via contracting at project level & specific to the organizational needs. We have delivery office in London and Belgium, and a remote office in Turkey to have access to resources for our clients.



To rationalize a complex structure by increasing efficiency and reducing administrative burden is necessary to achieve an effective management structure.



We help our clients to find potential problems and resolve them before they create a risk in the future.



We obtain results by reviewing the report data and making changes to improve the performance of our clients. Consistent measurement
and reporting methodology create an environment of achievement and success that benefits the entire organization.